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We provide honest, objective and thorough advisory services in the areas of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes and technology, Call Center Architecture and Transformation, Enterprise Integration, Business Architecture, and Customer-Centric Solution Concepts and Enterprise Data. It's important for us to make sure that we pave the right path for our customers before we make this journey. Understanding the constraints and focus a roadmap for our customers is one of the highest priorities when advising our customers.  



We specialize in developing customer-centric solutions using some of the leading Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software, including deep expertise in Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce.com, Sugar CRM, and Sage SalesLogix. We have evaluated dozens of CRM software to ensure solution adaptability and pick the right software for our customers. The core of our CRM strategy in terms of architecture, design, development, and implementation is to put your operational goals and objectives into action with the right kind of integrated CRM platform.



All sizeable & successful CRM projects are integration-centric. The right data from all the right sources, feeding into the complex front-end and back-end processes are what drives an enterprise. We specifically focus on integration at the onset of the CRM project to ensure CRM not only delivers workflow and automation to our customer but the right data-delivery, and mid-tier strategy. Data and Web Services design and development are one of the keys to the success of multi-organizational CRM that is looking for CRM in a Service Oriented Architecture (SAO) & in the Cloud.

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